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Jun 5, 2017

Press Release: Green and Spiegel International Launches Grenada CBI Services

Green and Spiegel International, an entity related to the eponymous law firms representing investors to Canada and the United States, has officially launched services available to individuals seeking Grenadian Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

“Our organization has represented immigrant investors and entrepreneurs for over six decades, and we are really excited to include Grenada in our clientele offerings,” said Matthew Galati, Manager of the U.S. Investors and Entrepreneurs Division at Green and Spiegel. “For the right kind of client, a Grenadian passport could be a gamechanger. We have been fortunate to sign partnerships with multiple marketing agents and projects, so individuals working with us will have a variety of options on how they would like to acquire the passport.”

Galati further explained that Grenada is the only CBI nation in the world that has an E-2 treaty with the United States, making the program particularly alluring. One can obtain a Grenadian passport following a successful application, which is generally adjudicated in a few short months.

“We represent a lot of clients who want to launch U.S. businesses and obtain an E-2 visa so that they may live in the United States, but they cannot for the sole reason that no treaty exists between the U.S. and their country of nationality,” Galati said. “This affects prospective E-2 investors from P.R. China, India, Brazil, and Russia, among others. However, with the Grenadian CBI program, there is a clear path forward.”

Toronto-based Business Development Consultant Eren Sari, who has assisted Green and Spiegel clients obtain benefits via a similar CBI program for Antigua and Barbuda, additionally clarified that the Grenadian passport and CBI program has its own merit independent from the expanded U.S. visa options.

“When looking at the overall strength of the passport itself, Grenada really stands apart.” Sari said. “As a Grenadian, one can travel visa-free to a great many countries around the world, including the European Schengen countries, the U.K. and Ireland, China, and most of South America. This is a true benefit for frequent business travelers from some nations which require visas to those countries and may be subjected scrutiny upon arrival simply because of their nationality. Grenada’s CBI program is also somewhat unique in that one can obtain a passport without visiting the nation, making it a great option for high net worth individuals – even in the West – who want the security of a second passport without having to deal with residency requirements.”

Under Grenada’s program, an investor may receive citizenship for himself/herself and qualifying family members through one of two options: (1) making a US$200,000 contribution to the Grenadian National Transformation Fund or (2) Investing a minimum US$350,000 in a pre-approved real estate project. Investors must also show the source of their invested capital is lawful. Grenada does not impose income tax on nonresidents.


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